Offers narratives of students who taught Dr. Sunyoger a life lesson and provided meaning in her professional and personal life. It is a diverse assortment of both high school and college students, “from the silently struggling student to the joyfully humble student, from the student who plagiarized to the student who protected Dr. Sunyoger in a frightening time of need. All these chapters end with a reflection on the lesson learned and a personal ‘thank-you’ to each student addressed in the story,” according to a university-based press release about Dr. Sunyoger’s book. The last chapter is about her mother (the late Sylvia T. Gallo) who always wanted to go to college and who sat in on a class Dr. Sunyoger taught. In that chapter, Dr. Sunyoger reflects the struggle between being a loyal daughter and being a moral and ethical professor as she weighs whether she should fail her mother who received an F on the midterm exam. 

Dr. Sunyoger fails her mother, receiving a profound Life Lesson Learned from having made this choice. The book is uplifting, reflecting a passion for the vocation of Education and for her students in her classroom. She celebrates a life filled with extraordinary people who teach extraordinary lessons and challenges her readers to recall those who have touched their own lives. Through the warm, light-hearted tone, these narratives remind readers of their own passion for what they do and why they do it.